California’s Oakland Museum Announces 2022-2023 Exhibits and Projects


Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) has announced its programming for 2022-2023. The season features a series of exhibits and projects aimed at creating “a more vibrant future” for Californians and their communities. The idea is to tell stories that understand California and to share “the space and context for greater connection, trust, and understanding between people.”

The season is currently underway at the OMCA with a schedule extending through the summer of 2023.

Upcoming OMCA 2022 -2023 exhibitions and projects include “

  • OMCA Kids: nature play areaa new offer for children and families
  • hella feminist, an exploration of feminism in the Bay Area and beyond; and
  • Angela Davis: Seizing Timean exhibition centered on the activist, his image and his impact.

More details below on the OMCA 2022-2023 season.

What is happening:

Oakland Museum of California

2022–2023 Exhibitions & Projects

Oakland Museum of California
100 Oak Street (at 10th Street)
Oakland, California

Tickets: $16 general, $11 seniors and students, $7 youth 13-17


OMCA Kids: nature play area

California Natural Science Gallery

In progress

Little learners can let their curiosity and imagination run wild in the new OMCA Kids: Nature Playspace. Located in the Gallery of California Natural Sciences, the playroom focuses on the unique needs of children ages 2-5, as well as their families and caregivers. Play is essential to the healthy development of every child and the playroom offers something for everyone, from building materials and nature-themed puzzles to hands-on activities that spark creativity, wonder and joy . Our youngest museum visitors can also learn about the animals that live in Oakland’s streams, hills and backyards. The playroom provides families with a fun and safe place to play and build community with other families.

hella feminist

Big room

July 29, 2022 – January 8, 2023

Feminism. It is a loaded word; as challenging for some as challenging for others. OMCA tackles this complex and timely topic with Hella Feminist, celebrating the lesser-known stories of feminism here in Oakland and the Bay Area. Bringing together historical objects from the Museum’s collection such as posters, pins and photographs, as well as newly commissioned works by artists, Hella Feminist is rooted in the idea that discrimination against all elements of identity ( gender, class, race, sexual orientation, physical ability, education, age, etc.) are interdependent and that no element can be treated in isolation. The exhibition aims to challenge, provoke and inspire visitors to reconsider and expand their understanding of feminism and its complicated history.

Angela Davis: Seizing Time

Big room

October 7, 2022–June 11, 2023

Angela Davis: Seize the Time is an exhibition centered on Davis and her image. Organized in partnership with the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University, the exhibition offers a captivating and multi-dimensional account of Davis’ journey. Using the Angela Davis Archive in Oakland as both the core of the exhibit and a source, visitors have the opportunity to investigate how we remember, preserve, and activate radical Black history, all within us allowing to reimagine the construction of the image. of Davis as an icon of radical Black American resistance, women’s empowerment, and a threat to the white patriarchal status quo.

Beyond references to archival and popular culture, the exhibition positions Angela Davis as a continuing touchstone for contemporary artists referencing mass incarceration, Black Lives Matter and economic disenfranchisement. . Contemporary artwork affirms Davis’ significance as an intellectual of black feminism and engages with her as a historical participant in a larger narrative, not simply as an unmoored image of radical chic.


Edith Heath: A Life in Clay

California Art Gallery

On view until October 30, 2022

Pioneer. Rebel. Revolutionary. Discover the story of Edith Heath, founder and designer of Heath Ceramics. Heath transformed the ceramic industry by creating California clay dinnerware for “better Sunday” and everyday use. Driven by the power of good design and a commitment to its craft, Heath’s vision continues to live on through its stoneware and tiles over 70 years later. Durable, not delicate, simple yet elegant, Heath Ceramics is an icon of American design.

Remembering Hung Liu

California Art Gallery

On view until October 31, 2022

The OMCA honors the life and legacy of beloved artist, Oakland resident, cultural bridge builder, and longtime friend of the museum, Hung Liu, who passed away on August 7, 2021. Drawing on our collection, this newly curated installation features four of Liu’s works in our California art gallery, providing a quiet setting for visitors to enjoy and appreciate his work, as well as a space for remembrance and reflection, including opportunities for bring memories of Liu.

You are here: California Stories on the Map

California Natural Science Gallery

On view until February 12, 2023

We all use maps in our daily lives, to navigate public transport, find places to eat and visualize big data such as weather conditions or political opinions. But have you ever thought about the deeper stories the cards tell us? In You Are Here: California Stories on the Map, you’ll find there’s more to the maps than meets the eye. Featuring a diverse range of maps from Oakland, the Bay Area and California, from environmental and health conditions to community insights and creative artwork, discover how maps can be a powerful tool to share unique insights and imagine a better future. Explore new perspectives of familiar places through community-created maps and mark your own stories on the community map inside the exhibit.

Black Power

California History Gallery

In progress

Discover the history of the Black Power movements in California with a compelling addition to the Gallery of California History. As a response to the hugely popular 2016 exhibition All Power to the People: Black Panthers at 50, Black Power illustrates the creative ways in which Black

California anti-racism activists supported their communities and challenged the US government. Focusing on the example of the Black Panther Party, Black Power highlights the tensions between a culturally and socially progressive California and examples of economic racism and oppression in the state. This moment in California history is represented through historic photographs, provocative objects, iconic posters, paintings, and interactive prompts that encourage visitors to take action in the world. Learn about the Bay Area’s role in this national story and the impacts this story continues to have today.

Question Bridge: Black Men

California Art Gallery

In progress

Immerse yourself in intimate videos – woven together and curated to simulate face-to-face conversations between participants – among a diverse group of more than 160 black men across the United States. Hear these men answer each other’s questions with exceptional honesty and vulnerability, and share stories, beliefs and values ​​in a personal depiction of their lives. Encompassing themes of family, love, race relations, community, education and wisdom, Question Bridge: Black Males presents nuanced portraits of men’s past, present and future. blacks in American society. Listen, watch, learn and start your own conversations with this deeply moving installation. Question Bridge is an innovative and widely exhibited video installation by artists Chris Johnson and Hank Willis Thomas in collaboration with Bayeté Ross Smith and Kamal Sinclair.

Dorothea Lange: photography as activism

California Art Gallery

In progress

Discover the iconic life and work of world-renowned documentary photographer Dorothea Lange with an expanded installation in the Gallery of California Art dedicated to her works. Through the lens of his camera, Lange documented American life with captivating photographs that captured some of the most powerful moments of the 20th century. Drawn from Lange’s personal archive, which was donated to the OMCA over 50 years ago, and in response to the popular 2017 exhibition Dorothea Lange: The Politics of Seeing, a number of newly added photographs illustrate the power photography as social activism. Find out how Lange’s work continues to touch millions and inspire new generations of artists and activists.

Dorothea Lange Digital Archive

Explore prints, field notes, negatives, contact sheets and more with the OMCA’s Dorothea Lange Digital Archive.


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