Everything you need to know about LG Polymers – the company behind the deadly gas leak in Visakhapatnam


  • A gas leak from LG Polymers, based in Visakhapatnam, killed 13 people, and thousands were affected.
  • LG Polymers is the Indian manufacturing plant of the South Korean conglomerate LG Chem.
  • The company released a statement that the gas leak is under control, but said it is evaluating how it happened given the plant has been closed due to the lockdown.

On the morning of Thursday, May 7, the residents of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, woke up to their worst nightmare. A gas leak near the city’s Venkatapuram area has left 13 people dead, and the numbers are only rising. Disturbing images of the city showed people lying dead, as hundreds were rushed to hospital and put the lives of thousands at risk.

And it all started in the Visakhapatnam plant of the South Korean conglomerate LG Chem – LG Polymers, which is in the manufacturing industry of plastic resins and synthetic fibers.

The company released a statement that the gas leak is under control, but said it is evaluating how it happened given the plant has been closed due to the lockdown.

“We are currently assessing the extent of the damage to the city’s residents and are taking all necessary measures to protect residents and employees in collaboration with related organizations,” LG Chem, owner of LG Polymers, said in a statement. .

LG Chem history


The factory was established in 1961 but was then called Hindustan Polymers. In 1978 the company merged with Mc Dowell & Co. belonging to the UB group.

However, in 1997, LG Chemical [LG Chem of Chemical] who was seeking entry into India took over the company, which is when the company was renamed LG Polymers. “LG Chemical saw India as an important market and in its aggressive global growth plan, Hindustan Polymers identified Hindustan Polymers as a suitable company to enter the Indian market through a 100% takeover,” says the website of the society.

Globally, the company’s portfolio includes petrochemicals, energy solutions, advanced materials and life sciences.

Here is the full list of directors on the company’s board of directors:

YJ Huh General manager
PP Chhabria Non-executive chairman
Prakash P Chhabria General manager
SS Dhanorkar Deputy Director and COO
P Subramaniam Deputy Director and Chief Financial Officer
SN Inamdar Independent director
PD Karandikar Independent director
KN Atmaramani Independent director
Sunil U Pathak Independent director
DN Damania Independent non-exe administrator
Sanjay K Asher Independent non-exe administrator
Maths SS Full time director

Source: Indian Association of Chemical and Petrochemical Manufacturers

According to reports, New India Assurance co is the main underwriter of the company’s liability insurance.

Emergency services have already cordoned off the factory area and are evacuating the villagers.

The company manufactures GPPS also known as general purpose polystyrene and HIPS also known as high impact polystyrene, products, EPS or “expandable polystyrene” and EPC or engineering plastic compounds.

The leaking gas was styrene monomer gas, which is used to produce plastic.

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